RM Hubbert is the winner of the 2013 SAY Award for best album.  He won the award for his sophomore album Thirteen Lost & Found.  The majority of the songs on the album are acoustic, which features him playing guitar along with other musician friends.  Overall, I was very impressed with style and sound of […]

The finalist for this years SAY Award will be announced on Thursday, June 20th.  SAY stands for Scottish Album of the Year.  It is a new award that was started last year, which aims to recognize Scottish acts and their works.   Scotland has a very diverse and rich music scene that is often gets ignored.  Some […]

I recently discovered a great new group.  There called Camera Obscura, and their an indie pop band from Glasgow, Scotland.  I really love their last album My Maudlin Career, which I can not stop playing right now.  My Maudlin Career has a retro 1960s feel to it.  The band just released their fifth album called Desire Lines on June 5th.  Here […]

If you haven’t already heard this song by Brad Paisley featuring L.L. Cool J, then consider your self among the very lucky.  The song is called Accidental Racist.  It is a song with all the good intentions of addressing legacy of racism in the South, but fails in its originality.  The lyrics are even considered […]